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Get insight into the qualities which will make you
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  • A 15 pages rapport which will describe your core qualities and talents and how to develop them further in relation to work and success 
  • Seven meditations which will develop the core qualities of your personality type and the supporting qualities of the other types
  • Illustrating diagrams which will show you the strength and weaknesses of your personality type

How we can help you

Personality Profile

Discover your most important personal qualities and identify your Personality Type.

Identity Profile

Discover the path to greater meaning and your Soul Type’s qualities and purpose.

Talent Profile

Do what you’re good at: we describe your top talents and significant skills.

Potentials Profile

From weakness to strength: we describe the potential hidden in your limitations.

What is JivaYou?

JivaYou means unique identity in Sanskrit. Our personality tests are about you. JivaYou means 'The Unique Identity in You'.

What are the Seven Types?

There are seven psychological types, each expressing particular qualities that condition our body, emotions and ways of thinking, as well as our Personality and Soul Types. We describe your types.

what do our customers say?

“An amazing and advanced profile.”

After completing my training as a counsellor in Energy Psychology (The Seven Types) (Oslo) and using JivaYou’s identity profile in my client work, I have a better understanding of the challenges a person experiences. I have discove… Read more
May Brith Dybvad, nurse, counsellor and healer

“JivaYou opened a door to a peaceful space inside.”

JivaYou’s complete profile is a cornucopia of information about your personality and talents. Most importantly, JivaYou can show you your limitations and what potentials you can develop into new talents. In my work as a coac… Read more
Kurt Lindekilde, doctor, JivaYou coach and author

“I can’t recommend JivaYou highly enough.”

I have used several types of personality tests (MBTI, JTI, Enneagram) over the years, and I have really taken to JivaYou’s simple language and psychological depth. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Try it! Read more
Birger Norup - Facilitator, Business Coach, Founder of PlayProp and Playing for Good Relations

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