Kenneth Sørensen

Kenneth Sørensen is the CEO of JivaYou and was born in 1962 and divides his time between Gentofte and Oslo, as he is married to Karianne from Norway and has a teenage daughter in Denmark. As a typical dedicated personality type (6), Kenneth has throughout his life been an enthusiastic and dynamic promoter and advocate for many different projects. He has founded a major nationwide mental health magazine as well as a magazine on spirituality.

He has published more than 20 books on psychology and developed several  methodologies on meditation and psycho-spiritual development. He is the author of six books and his latest is: The Soul of Psychosynthesis (2015), Integral Meditation (2016) and his upcoming book: The Seven Types (feb. 2019)

Kenneth also has a calm and sensitive nature (2) that he expresses in his work as a psychotherapist and teacher in meditation and psychosynthesis. He has a Master's degree in Psychosynthesis from the University of East London.

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