How we can help you

JivaYou offers two types of tests for identifying your most important qualities and potential.


Your Personality Profile

Reveals your most important personal qualities: your Personality Type.

Your Personality Type describes the psychological qualities that fuel your ambition and determine how you can create success and fulfilment in your life – materially, personally and socially... Read more

Your Identity Profile

Describes your Soul Type and Personality Type and the path to meaningful happiness.

Your identity profile shows how your Soul Type is integrated with your Personality Type, and this will provide an overview of your personal qualities and life purpose.

Your Soul Type determines the values and qualities you embody as a soul. Knowing your Soul Type will help you to identify your soul’s calling, skills, qualities, values and motivations, which will help you to make a difference in the world. You can find fulfilment when you are able to develop and balance both your Soul Type and Personality Type. Read more

Your Talent Profile - coming soon

Shows your five Top Talents and how you further develop them.

Doing what you’re best at is the source of your greatest possible job satisfaction and creativity.

Out of 63 possible talents, your Talent Profile will identify your five most evolved talents and describe the skills they give you. The profile will also explain how you can develop these skills even further to unlock your potential.

Your Potential Profile - coming soon

Lists your five Limiters and how you can develop their inherent qualities.

We all have characteristics that limit personal development by holding back self-expression.

JivaYou’s Potential Profile lists your five greatest Limiters, out of a total of 56, and describes how you can turn your weakest characteristics into your most important talents.

Your Complete Profile - coming soon

Combines JivaYou's four psychological profiles to provide a detailed overview of your most important qualities, talents and potentials.

Combining and cross-matching the four profiles will provide a unique insight into how you can achieve psychological balance, focusing on your psychological functions, your ’doing-feeling-balance’, your ‘intelligence-balance’, your ‘introvert-extrovert-balance’, and seven other balances.

Extras when you Purchase a Profile

Purchasing one of our profiles will give you access to JivaYou webinars and guided meditations, and many other powerful tools for development. You can also talk to our professional coaches (via Skype or personal consultation) for support and advice on how to realise your full potential.