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Balance your personal success and make a positive difference in life, by knowing how to combine qualities of your personality and soul type

  • A 25 page rapport which will give you insight and methods to understand and develop your core qualities
  • 14 excellent meditations which will help you unlock the potentials of your personality-  and soul type and all the supporting types
  • A video presentation of your soul type which will highlight the essential insights
  • A variety of diagrams which will give you insights into your psychological balances

Meaning and personal power in balance

Do you know your deepest values and life's purpose? Our Identity Profile can bring you closer to a meaningful life. Your heart knows the answer and we will help you get there. Our Identity Profile will identify your Soul Type and Personality Type and offer an in-depth insight into who you truly are.

Your Soul Type leads the way

Discover your Soul Type - the way to greater meaning

Do you want more meaning in your life?

Do you want a clear direction in your life?

Do you long to make a difference in the world?

You can make it happen. 

Many who have completed JivaYou's Identity Profile have discovered their heart’s calling.

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Our in-depth Identity Profile will identify your soul qualities and personality strengths, all in less than 30 minutes.

The test is more thorough than most personality tests and is making a significant difference in many people's lives.

It is easy

  1.  You register on the JivaYou's website.
  2.  You will be provided with several questionnaires and asked to select the statements that describe you most accurately.
  3. An identity profile will be generated (pdf-rapport) offering in-depth descriptions of your Personality Type and Soul Type.

Your profile is confidential, safe and secure.

What do our customers SAY?

“I can’t recommend JivaYou highly enough.”

I have used several types of personality tests (MBTI, JTI, Enneagram) over the years, and I have really taken to JivaYou’s simple language and psychological depth. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Try it! Read more
Birger Norup - Facilitator, Business Coach, Founder of PlayProp and Playing for Good Relations

“Extensive material of really high quality.”

Over the years I have worked with a number of personality profiles, each of high standard, but the identity profile really stands out. JivaYou takes personality profiles to another level with its breath, depth and high-quality material. … Read more
Belinda Donkin, founder & CEO at HeartTeam Denmark

“I’m finding relationships easier.”

I can highly recommend this unique tool. It helps you to better understand yourself and other people. It also connects you to the energy of your soul in such a wonderful and simple way, which is truly unusual. With this tool I’ve been … Read more
Sølvi Raastad, Psychosynthesis Psychotherapist, Energy Psychology / JivaYou coach

Your personal and Spiritual growth is our Passion

We have more than 25 years of experience as teachers and counsellors of the seven types. We have brought all of our insights into our psychological profiles and wish to see you grow into all you are capable of.

Warm greetings, Kenneth Sørensen & Søren Hauge

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Get 14 guided meditations

We have created 14 guided meditations for your personal and spiritual development, receive them at once, when you sign up for the Identity Profile.