The JivaYou Team:
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JivaYou-Teamet: Kenneth Sørensen, Jesper Bundgaard og Søren Hauge

The JivaYou Team: Kenneth Sørensen, Jesper Samahdi Bundgaard, Søren Hauge

20 year-long friendship - Kenneth Sørensen and Søren Hauge

Kenneth and Søren

We have been friends and colleagues since the mid-90s and have for the last 10 years worked closely together to develop the Seven Types. We’ve been lecturing at conferences in Scandinavia and the United States in the Seven Types and its related healing method Soul Flow. We have also trained as counsellors and coaches within these modalities.

We have translated the many insights from our work into books such as The Seven Types, Integral Meditation and The Soul of Psychosynthesis, by Kenneth Sørensen

At the core of our work is a motivation to help people understand the depth and diversity of human psychology. Through our professional roles as teachers, psychotherapists, spiritual coaches and meditation counsellors, we have experienced how life-changing it can be to clearly understand ourselves and identify our life purpose.

We have no greater joy than being ourselves and sharing our qualities and resources with others.

We have both experienced profound personality-transforming processes where we had to let go of false self-images in order to follow a powerful longing for authenticity. Based on these experiences, we decided to create a psychological tool that could help people come home to themselves. We know how painful it is to be trapped in an inauthentic identity. This tool we created is JivaYou's psychological profiling.

Founding JivaYou

In 2012, the JivaYou project took off when, with a group of IT specialists and management advisers, we decided to create a new personality test that would balance heart and mind. We chose to phase out the previous personality test we were working with and replace it with a unique profiling tool for personal and spiritual development.  

The goal of the JivaYou tool is to create balance between body, psyche and soul. Working as a team, it has taken us six years to develop this tool, and in 2018 we were ready to launch online the first of JivaYou's psychological profiles. 

One important reason for the success of JivaYou is Jesper Bundgaard, our technical specialist, who brought to the team his extensive professional experience in management, online processing and technological innovation.  

As a team committed to JivaYou's vision, we share a sense of profound meaning when we are able to contribute to human development. Our greatest job satisfaction is to see people flourish and find a way to become the best possible version of themselves. 

We have realised how useful it is to recognise the diversity of human differences. Our motto is: "We love types... all types." Thus, we hope the nuanced philosophy of the Seven Types will pave the way for greater tolerance and appreciation of difference.   

In all modesty, we believe we are making a significant difference by sharing our psychological profiling tools. We hope you enjoy working with them to fulfil your life purpose. 

Warm regards, 

The JivaYou Team