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the Seven Types – Psychosynthesis typology

"The book is full of great ideas and good illustrations"
Piero Ferrucci; is an international bestselling author, a psychotherapist and philosopher

Kenneth Sørensen’s book The Seven Types provides a comprehensive introduction to psychosynthesis typology.

You will learn: 

How to discover your dominant type at each of the five psychological levels, namely your soul type, personality type, thinking type, feeling type and body type. 

How to integrate your five-fold typology and become an influential person who can make a difference in the world.  

How to apply the Seven Types in a counselling and coaching practice through the seven counselling strategies and styles.

How to work with a typology profiling tool so you can discover and validate a person's dominant types.  

Price: 12$ for the e-book

The Seven Types: Psychosynthesis Typology, Discover your five dominant types. By Kenneth Sørensen, 454 pages, full colour, 34$/42$/12$ e-book, Kentaur Publishing. Available now in paperback and hardback. Paperback available at Amazon

Integral Meditation
– The Seven Ways to Self-realisation

“Integral meditation is an illuminating and wise presentation of the science of meditation. It is a candid spiritual autobiography – a magnificent synthesis of the author’s life to date and what he has discovered by consciously treading the path of the Soul."

Michael Lindfield, Board President of Meditation Mount

Kenneth Sørensen (born 1962) is a psychotherapist, author and spiritual teacher, and the co-founder of JivaYou.com. He has an MA in Psychosynthesis from the University of East London and is the author of The Soul of Psychosynthesis: The Seven Core Concepts.

In Integral Meditation, Sørensen offers a lively and comprehensive introduction to the esoteric philosophy of the Seven Rays (also known as the Seven Rivers of Life), which teaches how we can achieve Self-realisation by integrating and embodying the seven essential energies that underpin the universe.

Sørensen explains how each of the Seven Rays can be navigated using a particular type of meditation that must be modified according to the meditator’s personal blueprint of spiritual energy. The result is unique path to the Soul for every seeker.

While reflecting with unflinching honesty upon his own spiritual journey, Sørensen shows how the application of tried and tested techniques of meditation can bring inspiration, transformation and spiritual breakthrough. The formula is as simple as it is challenging: the integration of a variety of meditation techniques can result in the manifestation of universal energies that will profoundly change our relationship to ourselves, to those around us and to the universe as a whole.

Drawing heavily on the teachings of psychosynthesis, energy psychology and ancient wisdom, Integral Meditation presents an approach to the psycho-spiritual journey that can be summed up in the invitation:

Meditate, love and choose freedom every day.

Integral Meditation, Kenneth Sørensen, 260 pages in colour,  25$ paperback/ 12$ e-book, Kentaur Publishing 2017.  Paperback available at Amazon

The soul of psychosynthesis
- The Seven Core Concepts

“Assagioli’s psychosynthesis spreads far and wide. It is ambitious in scope and subject matter. For this reason it may be hard at times to understand its essence – with the risk of being lost in the details. Kenneth Sørensen does a great job of summarising in a short and well-researched book the essential aspects of psychosynthesis, offering an overview that will allow the reader to grasp its main themes in theory and practice, as well as its historical development.”

Piero Ferrucci, is an international bestselling author, a psychotherapist and philosopher

About The Soul of Psychosynthesis

Shortly before his death at 85 in 1974, Dr Roberto Assagioli, one of the founding fathers of transpersonal psychology, described what he regarded as the essence of psychosynthesis. It was, for him, a psychology with the soul as a spiritual being at its centre. Since then, psychosynthesis has been seen as a “psychology with a soul”.

The Soul of Psychosynthesis aims at understanding what this means. It presents the essence of psychosynthesis through the Seven Core Concepts that Assagioli defined as the foundation of his work, and which some today see as his “last will", his final statement about his ideas and their practical application.

The Soul of Psychosynthesis will enable the reader to discover the wisdom in the Seven Core Concepts and realise that:

Disidentification – is a way to Freedom
The Self – is a way to Presence
The will – is a way to Power
The ideal model – is a way to Focus
Synthesis – is a way to Flow
The Superconscious – is a way to Abundance
The Transpersonal Self – is a way to Love

The Soul of Psychosynthesis is a concise introduction and practical guide to the fundamental ideas of one of the most important therapeutic approaches in the modern world.

The Soul of Psychosynthesis, Kenneth Sørensen, Price 25$ paperback / 12 $ E-book. The book is available at Amazon.