Recommendations from our customers

“An amazing and advanced profile.”

After completing my training as a counsellor in Energy Psychology (The Seven Types) (Oslo) and using JivaYou’s identity profile in my client work, I have a better understanding of the challenges a person experiences. I have discovered how the different energies can strengthen and challenge each other. The identity profile provides concrete advice as well as useful exercises. This is a truly amazing and advanced profile you can learn a lot from.

May Brith Dybvad, nurse, counsellor and healer

“JivaYou opened a door to a peaceful space inside.”

JivaYou’s complete profile is a cornucopia of information about your personality and talents. Most importantly, JivaYou can show you your limitations and what potentials you can develop into new talents.

In my work as a coach, JivaYou’s profile offers a variety of approaches that I use to inspire my clients to move on with their life.

JivaYou gave me insights that has helped me to better understand myself and others. The profile is in-depth and opens up to infinite perspectives. We can always take it one step further. JivaYou unlocked a door to a peaceful space inside that gives me greater focus and power in both my being and in my development.

Kurt Lindekilde, doctor, JivaYou coach and author

“JivaYou's profile is a one-of-a-kind on the market.”

JivaYou’s profile is a one of a kind on the market. It gives great insight into what we are and how we can develop further. The profiles are wonderful to use in our work with teams, couples and other relational work. Thank you for a great tool.

Mariann Marthinussen, psychosynthesis therapist, coach, teacher and professional adviser

“The Seven Types has changed my way of relating.”

The Seven Types has come to stay in my life. The clarity and nuance it provides is unique. My clients truly recognise themselves in the profiles. This is a wonderful gift because it is essential for us to be seen and understood in our relationships.

The Seven Types has changed my way of relating. I see people differently now. I have gained greater understanding of our different talents and limitations, making it easier to relate to others. I am grateful for all that energy psychology has given me.

It has brought great joy and meaning to my work as a psychotherapist, because my clients now have a model explaining why it’s like being them. They really feel seen, met and understood. Recently there was a client who said “finally, someone sees me and thinks I’m beautiful”. I had referred to the dedicated type in The Seven Types to explain what I saw in her. This touched her deeply and she felt respected and accepted.

Anne Dieserud, Psychotherapist and Energy Psychology teacher

“I can’t recommend JivaYou highly enough.”

I have used several types of personality tests (MBTI, JTI, Enneagram) over the years, and I have really taken to JivaYou’s simple language and psychological depth. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Try it!

Birger Norup - Facilitator, Business Coach, Founder of PlayProp and Playing for Good Relations

“I have gained a greater understanding of the inner dynamics in myself and in other people.”

I have gained a greater understanding of the inner dynamics in myself and in other people, which has also helped me to accept and love myself and others. JivaYou has also given me insight into the world’s problems, evolution, religion, politics, basically giving me direction and answers to major existential questions.

Inger Kolberg, Job consultant, Fretex and Energy Psychology Supervisor

“To choose an identity profile is to show an interest in that which is different in oneself.”

The Seven Types hits the bullseye. Choosing an identity profile is to show an interest in that which is different in oneself; reflecting an integration of white, black and all the different shades of grey.

Developing strength is easy, cultivating one’s weakness requires courage, and to exceed one’s limitations can move mountains. My life’s jigsaw puzzle has fallen into place! I can accept myself and my ability to handle difficult situations has improved. The identity profile provides insight and personal overview, and the conversations are motivating. I could have lived my life without it, but I live it more fully with it. I have found the courage to change, which has helped me greatly. I can talk freely to people I use to fear.

Susanne Midtiby, cand.mag and project manager

“JivaYou - a unique opportunity to get to know yourself.”

I highly recommend JivaYou. The identity profile provides a unique opportunity to get to know yourself. It has been a great help to me in developing my potentials into talents.

Kristin Vonheim, PhD.

JivaYou's Identity Profile is a unique tool for psychological development!

“This profile, based on the seven types, offers many nuances and is definitely a very good choice when using a professional profile. Compared to other systems it ads an extra dimension of levels of types and perceives man as an evolving being, without boxing people in limiting categories.”



Nicolai Eisenreich, Head of Fundraising & Communication

“Extensive material of really high quality.”

Over the years I have worked with a number of personality profiles, each of high standard, but the identity profile really stands out. JivaYou takes personality profiles to another level with its breath, depth and high-quality material. Not only does it cover all parameters, it also gives concrete instructions on how I can work on those parts of myself that I need to look at, adjust and lovingly develop. I give this profile my warmest recommendations.

Belinda Donkin, founder & CEO at HeartTeam Denmark

“Material to work with for the rest of our lives.”

My husband and I have completed the  identity profile. We sat opposite each other with our laptops and read the results out loud. We both felt that we were presented with material to work with for the rest of our lives.

A personality test, yes, how difficult can it be? My strong and weak sides, yes. Tell me something I do not know! And it did! It did what other tests don’t, asking questions about the aspects of ourselves that are less flattering, but that we can work on and develop in an extremely interesting way, rather than just working on our talents.

What appeals to me a great deal is that the 5 most significant weaknesses and strengths are highlighted. That is, if I’m not sure if I’ve answered all the questions consistently throughout, the test results will still be correct. I really like that. Also, for each theme a useful and compassionate suggestion is made for how we can work with our limitations.

Pernille Reitz, Painter

“I’m finding relationships easier.”

I can highly recommend this unique tool. It helps you to better understand yourself and other people. It also connects you to the energy of your soul in such a wonderful and simple way, which is truly unusual. With this tool I’ve been given a unique opportunity to discover what, at the deepest level, gives my life meaning. I have a much clearer picture of the best possible way my personality type can work with my soul type. It is exciting to work with my available talents, but also with the more immature aspects of my personality because they give me opportunities for growth. My relationships will never be the same again. I now have a clear image of the differences that exist between humans. I’m getting along better with other people and I feel more confident in my relationships.

The greatest revelation is how I now experience communication between people and the motives I see behind our behaviour. I’m engaging in discussions with less fear and more openness to the fact that people communicate their opinions and feelings in a different way to me.

As a psychotherapist, I can also meet people in a completely new way, now that I have a clear map to guide me in interpreting their uniquely complex nature. I am very visual in my communication and I understand the value of this to a greater extent. In future, I will also use The Seven Types in therapy by suggesting clients complete the identity profile as a way to clarify what makes their lives meaningful.

Sølvi Raastad, Psychosynthesis Psychotherapist, Energy Psychology / JivaYou coach

“JivaYou's identity profile is a great tool for self-discovery.”

JivaYou’s identity profile is a great tool for self-discovery. It covers all aspects of our being. I have discovered the transformative power of The Seven Types in my client work and the depth of understanding and self-knowledge it provides.

The insight into types, talents and limitations helps us to accept and understand each other and how we complement each other in a community. All types are equally important! I am grateful for the opportunity to work with The Seven Types, which in essence is peace work. I would therefore like to thank Søren and Kenneth, who worked so hard to develop The Seven Types into an incredibly comprehensive, advanced and useful tool.

Krestine Pettersen, Psychosynthesis Psychotherapist and Energy psychology / JivaYou coach

“I’ve become more open.”

JivaYou’s identity profile has made me more open and less prejudiced and judgmental. I’m able to give people more space and accept that we all have our different colours that needs to be respected. I feel secure and confident in the direction, meaning and value our essence gives.

Maja Romic, MA and Psychosynthesis Coach

“One of the best things I’ve done.”

The Seven Types made me see more of my unique self. It’s given me new knowledge of myself. After completing and working with my identity profile I’ve gained greater insight and understanding into myself and my behaviour.

The profile is extremely accurate and it offers concrete exercises that help with my personal development. The follow-up coaching sessions have been incredibly useful. One of the best things I’ve done.

Anne Marit Stene Myrmo, Gestalt Therapist, Coach, Business Adviser and Economist